I’ve been living a lie.

I have been living for five years believing I was Type 1 in the United States. I got a call about a blood test I did recently while in Norway to measure how much insulin I actually make. I make insulin, but I just can’t use it which is the description for Type 2 diabetes.



Today I will be getting different drugs and starting a different diabetes attack plan. This plan does not include my T:Slim insulin pump or (for right now) a Dexcom continuous glucose monitor. Those are commonly used for type 1 diabetics. I will be on two insulins and eventually an add-on tablet medication when I come back to Norway.

Life will change.






Be You With Your Food: Medical Needs vs Vegan

I have felt the pressure to be vegetarian or vegan in high school. Many of my closest friends decided to be one and I could understand their reasoning- the harming of animals. I totally get it. It was when I started to have stomach problems that I decided to be a non-red meat vegetarian and eat as many vegetarian meals as possible. I really thought this would somehow stop the horrible pain and digestion issues. Though, it had nothing to do with ethical treatment of animals.

I went non-red meat vegetarian for a couple years. It seemed to help me and I would announce to people I was this sort of vegetarian proudly like I entered a club. Let’s face it- it is a sort of club or more so a movement. I see it all over. Kat Von D and her tribe are all vegan, many people into health crazes are vegan and hipsters are vegan. The vegan movement is huge.  I was kinda part of that movement but just for a little while.


I’m diabetic (being retested for type) with IBS and gastroparesis with food allergies and intolerances. I’m part of the “sick” group of people who deal with this kind of shit everyday. I’m part of those with medical lifestyles that are not by choice and not a movement like veganism.  Medical lifestyles are personalized and varied depending on the person’s needs and success. I know people doing the keto diet for diabetes and others simply just eating low carb.  Some people with gastroparesis use feeding tubes, the FODMAP diet and/or use medication. Our lifestyles are very much our own. Veganism is like sticking a wrench in the whole machine.

I can see myself vomiting and laying on the floor in the bathroom crying from trying to be vegan.

I write this because the pressure for dieting and body image all over the internet is real. It is a constant reminder of the lack of freedom I have and I’m sick of it. I feel I cannot be the size 0 I used to be nor able to eat as I used to. I cannot feel as I used to feel. Myself is all I can be. Here in Norway, I find I am becoming more and more comfortable with who I am and who I know I can be. These constant pressures from the outside are just plain bullshit.


Business and Sadness


I have to have 6-9 months apart from my husband due to visa issues I don’t really understand. It really sucks. I’m trying to look on the bright-side of things. I’ll be staying with my parents and will be spending more time with family. I’ll also be able to see my friends in the US.  I will just miss hubby terribly.


Hubby’s Business and Massage

Anyways, we’ve been trying to make some money. We don’t have much of an income at the moment. Hubs just got a job at Kiwi (grocery store) and has leads on where to kick of massage therapy business. Oh yes, I do get massages. Ha! Everything seems to be going well for Hubby and we are both excited for him to have his own business. He’s gotten help from the government to start up (no idea how that works) and has gotten some supplies. While looking for a set place to be, he’s made some friends to help him out. Someone let him borrow a massage table while he waits to get his own. His experience over the years with acupressure, trigger point and Thai massage sets him apart from other people. I have enjoyed watching him grow.

Art Business and BoriAlice

In the meantime, I have been producing art pieces. I’ve done Elsa and Freya- women that are a big deal to Nordic pop-culture. I’ve been trying to sell them but producing them seems to be quite therapeutic for me and I’m having fun. I’ve restarted BoriAlice  on the right foot this time. It is not all about the money or creating simply to get a profit. It’s for me too.

I am from the generation of anime artists that bought how-to books and studied that art of drawing in the anime style. Now that I’m older, that style is a favorite however I feel as though I am learning with each art piece to create my own particular style. I like a combination of realism and “big eye” art that captures the beauty of life seen in the human eye with exaggeration. I also like to display my knowledge of make up and style that could be seen in my piece “Freya” far more than with “Elsa.” My style is slowing developing into what I actually want. It’s exciting to notice.



Eating Disorders and Diabetes

I sat there, once again in the chair, ready to be bombarded with weight, exercise and eating questions. This was like my brain, 24/7. Don’t they understand? I plan all my meals, my drinks, my exercise and weight myself several times a day hoping the number changes. I don’t need to be constantly reminded I could die if I don’t care as much as I do about my habits and body. I don’t like being told it’s not enough but I’m told that every time I sit in that chair.

This has been my life for five years.


Medical personnel don’t seem to realize the mental toll it can take on a diabetic. I wondered if this kind of talk and constant reminding could conjure a eating disorder. I was sadly right. These are disorders common to specifically those with diabetes:

  • Orthorexia: A fairly new disorder label, this disease is about being obsessive about what you eat to the point that you actually hurt yourself.  One cares so much about nutrients and what not to eat they can become almost phobic of certain foods that are deemed “impure”, leave out foods/food groups in their diet, worry obsessively about their next meal and need to be in control of what they consume.  Hours are spent planning out food, researching and looking at food. 
  • Diabulima: This type of disorder refers to stopping, lessening or skipping insulin injections and running a high blood sugar in order to lose weight.  This is very dangerous to do because high blood sugars can land you in a coma and/or cause death. They can also cause problems in the long run such as kidney failure and blindness. I will not mention how this is done specifically because it can be well hidden from doctors and other people.


Considering these are indeed issues in the diabetic community, I am shocked and appalled there isn’t much light shed on them though medical personnel know of them. I know they do because I was asked if I was skipping insulin doses to lose weight (diabulima). I told them I didn’t have a clue that skipping insulin would do that. She politely nodded and said okay and moved on without much explaining. Google researching told me about diabulima and another blog author’s information lead me to finding orthorexia.

I really believe these two disorders should be added to that fancy-shmancy DSM manual thing. Oh yeah, they aren’t officially disorders. Strange, huh? These disorders won’t go away as long as diabetes is becoming more common and healthcare professionals don’t acknowledge them as an issue. There needs to be a plan. How do you talk about diabetic needs without making the diabetic individual obsessive? How do you discuss positive body image when diabetics typically have weight problems? More importantly, how do you treat individuals with diabulima and/or orthorexia that are still diabetic?


Excitement! Sci-fi and Robots! PEW PEW!

Alright, everyone. I officially have too much time on my hands and I’ve decided to add MORE EXCITEMENT to my life-

as if moving to another country was not enough for me.


I’ve decided to blog a story written by me called “Guidebook to Your Guardian.” It’s sci-fi and cool. No really, you should totes read this.  Am I trying to hard?

Here is the prompt I am using from the magical interwebs:

At birth, each human is assigned a robot called a Guardian. Each human is followed by a Guardian, twenty-four hours a day, for their entire lives. Guardians give advice, solve problems, and protect their humans from danger. Guardians constantly remind their humans that the government is good, kind, and necessary. Guardians also remind their humans of the rules, and the punishment for breaking them.

Sounds interesting, yes? Molly, the lead character, will learn a secret that changes her whole world. What will she do? Is her Guardian as annoying as Gir from Invader Zim? Find out!



Losing Weight: What it took

I have done many things to lose weight. I did the LCHF, keto and paleo diets. I even tried to pick up running and I hate running. Nothing worked for me. Now that I’ve moved, things have changed.

The scale moved. I was like “WHAT IS THIS?”

sniffy kitty

After a weight plateau that lasted what seems eternity, the scale finally moved. I’ve lost 6 pounds since moving to Norway. At this rate I could be my goal weight of 115 pounds by the end of the year!


So the big question you are probably wondering is “What the fudge did I do to finally lose weight?” Well dear readers, it wasn’t just a diet but overall watching what I eat without denying cravings. I do not deny cravings for candy, soda, sweets. . . . . because I learned that I would binge eat. The difference in Norway is everything has less preservatives and crap in it. Everything is much more fresh. I’m also eating like a Norwegian does. Fish, potatoes, carrots, cheese, butter, bacon and meats are all common to eat. They eat lower carb and higher fat but not extreme like the LCHF diet itself. No fat bombs here! ACK. Another thing I do is smaller meals throughout the day. I eat approximately 4-5 meals per day and work out 4-6 times a week.


What have you done to lose weight? What has worked for you?