Travel Jitters with a Kitty: Preparing to Fly with a Cat Pt 2

With anxiety problems, comes the little thoughts poking their way out of my head such as "What if the plane falls out of the sky?" or "What if planes collide?"  or "What if Stoner dies?" I got my kitty, Stoner, medicine to remain calm on the plane but there will still be nervous crazy cat … Continue reading Travel Jitters with a Kitty: Preparing to Fly with a Cat Pt 2

Millennial Hatred vs This Millennial

Millennial or Generation Y: mid 1990s-early 2000s. We have technology only dreamed of before. Everything is technology technology technology 24/7. We have it with us always and portable. Internet is everywhere. With Spotify making music across the globe easily accessible, why not cross boundaries and subcultures?  MTV as the 1980s knew it is dead. Religion … Continue reading Millennial Hatred vs This Millennial

About This Blog and My Journey

Write a little introduction about yourself. My name is Christina. I'm married to Kim-Andre and have one black cat named Stoner. Both are mentioned a lot in this blog. I used to have three cats but had to adopt them out due to moving to Norway. I am not very happy about it. What is … Continue reading About This Blog and My Journey