Genuine with Faith

I had a discussion with my Norwegian relatives yesterday. I was asked to explain why Americans are so religious and all about church. I wanted to ask why they never go to church or include God in everyday…..

Here it goes.

Norwegians can be quite religious but rather than be in your face about it they keep it to themselves. Church going is viewed as social rather than a personal experience. From what I have gathered, Americans are the opposite. They even go door to door preaching.

Americans are described as ungeniune. Ouch. Smiles, conversations and even religion can be ungeniune. For example, maybe I really don’t know you therefore don’t care how you are. This is how Norwegians think. Why go to church, say you practice Christianity, and turn around and proceed to steal. Acting Christian and being genuine that you see church as a social event is seen as more acceptable in Norway.

Who’s wrong? Is anyone wrong or is this just culture differences? Maybe Americans need to learn to be more genuine. Leave a response below.

Ideology of Work

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Snufkin has the ultimate lifestyle: goes where he wants With no worries. 

How much time do you have to spend on hobbies? Here in Norway, we have more time to spend on them With the work mentality being different than what it is in American culture. I remember when my Sociology professor introduced me to a now more meaningful phrase:

Work to live, not live to work.

Think about this for a moment. You were not born to just do a job and og home just to do it everyday of Your life until you die. Americans think the reverse of this phrase and often get priorities mixed up. What is most important to you? Is work more important than living to the fullest?

This is why Norwegians make the most of thier lives With having vacations, koselig homes, time With friends and Family, and time for hobbies. My own personal hobbies include art, writing, Reading and crocheting. Hubby and I plan on maybe going to Spain, Sweden or The Netherlands next year.

What do you think of the two differences? Which seems to be a more pleasant way to live?


The Healthcare Difference

I believe the misdiagnosis of labelling me type 1 diabetic was not an accident but meant to make companies and doctors richer.

I was told I was heading toward kidney failure, blood dialysis, and more neuropathy. I’m only 28 years old. How could I be so sick?

Fast forward to being sent to the ER for high blood sugars in Norway. The blood sugar levels I had in the US were deemed unacceptable to doctors in Norway. The levels, I was told, could put me in a coma or kill me. (300-500 blood sugar US measurement)…. I was rediagnosed type 2 diabetic, stripped of my insulin pump and given higher doses of insulin that night. The head doctor of the hospital was baffled at what the US had not done.

The way the United States’ healthcare works must change. My story is just one but I hope it stirs something in you.

What do you think? Does the US need more socialist programs like those in Norway? How do you suggest the US change healthcare?

Koselig and Autumn

Its been raining for over a month. The trees are turning orange and gold. It’s gotten to the point that the heater needs to be on. Everything in life is changing. I’m clinging to that Koselig life.

Hygge from Denmark is similar. You can get the book all about it off Amazon but I found it to drag on. Koselig is easy to understand. In short it means a coziness obtained not necessarily all by things but interaction with family and friends. Soup, dark corners, lit candles, and friendly conversation are all koselig. I’m listening to Myrkur, HIM and soft jazz. I’m embracing the melancholy of outside.

You can do this too. Embrace the changing of seasons with open arms. Complaining and moaning about it will not make the coming of winter any slower. Enjoy it!

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