My husband and I have been talking literally everyday about moving to Norway. He wants to talk out my fears and understand that I have a support system there. That support system is made of his family, our friends and himself. I will not be completely alone- although I may feel like it.

Here are some of my fears about moving out of the United States:

  • I will not speak the language fluently: I’m not sure about the reaction of Norwegians when they find out an immigrant doesn’t speak their language. I will feel embarrassed and fumble for words. I have a plan to use Duolingo, a workbook and Nemi comics from Norway to learn to read, write and speak Norwegian.
  • My side of the family lives in the United States.
  • Can I still cook Italian Food?!: This is a huge deal to me. I can’t leave all of my own culture behind.  I don’t know how to cook Norwegian.
  • midnight_sun_001Land of the Midnight Sun: The daylight in Norway is different. Summer has long hours of light. Winter has short hours of light. Will this affect me physically and/or mentally?
  • Racisim: I am not entirely white. As part Sicilian, I’m part Jewish, Arab and part even part black. My skin golden olive. Will I encounter racisim?
  • Terrorism: I really wish I didn’t have to worry about terrorism in Norway but if you have paid attention- I do have to worry. “Keep Norway Norwegian” is a slogan my husband said exists. Some few may seriously hate foreigners.Others may hate Roman influence such as the “Christianization” of the Norwegian people and my people are the ones that did this.
  • Problems Shopping: Stores will be different and therefore no Sephora and no Ulta will be around. Can I even order offline? What about shopping for food? What if I can’t read labels? I’m diabetic and reading measurements of carbs is a big deal. I already know the way their labels are read are different than the United States.
  • Friends: Of course I will miss my friends in the US. I don’t know how hard it will be to make friends once I am in Norway. I have a couple already, however.
  • Medical Personal: I have a team of doctors in the States. I’m not exactly healthy. I’ve got type 1 diabetes and a possible other disease. Can I trust Norwegian healthcare to suit my needs?


***I want to add this post is in no way meant to slander the Norwegian people.***

7 thoughts on “Anxiety

  1. I share some of your fears about moving to Finland. There will definitely be difficult times but I’m sure the positive and personal-growth experiences will far outweigh them. When are you planning on moving? All the best 🙂


    1. We plan to move in 1-2 years. We have to get rid of things, sell things, figure out how to get our cats there. . . . If the new healthcare bill here is a bad one we might move sooner. When are you leaving? Kippis! 😀

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      1. There’s definitely a lot to do to prepare! We have 10 months to go and we haven’t done much yet. Good luck with all your preparations! Sounds like it is probably a good time to get out of the US.


  2. Girl, you just have to come and see for yourself! Everyone speaks English here, so you can survive for a long time without speaking Norwegian. In the end, it is not the language, it is your number of contacts that make up your social life. Norwegian is not a difficult language too.
    Of course, you can cook Italian food, why not? Ingredients don’t taste as they do in Italy, that’s why the outcome is not exactly Italian, but in the States there are different too.
    Norway is a multicultural country. Oslo has people of all colors. Ålesund is smaller, but I guess, there are huge changes too, so I don’t think Norway has some specially high level of racism, no.
    Finding friends can be tricky, but you will have family who can help you with building your network.
    I can understand where your anxieties come from, but these are just stories played in your head. The reality tends to be way more different, both for good and bad, and sometimes it is better not to think too much. No amount of mental preparation can compare to actual experience 🙂


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