Reasons to Move to Norway

I made a list of reasons I fear moving to Norway.  Here I made a list of why I should move.  It seems to be much longer than my fear-list was.


  • Beauty– Norway is gorgeous. 005746_christian-bothner_www-nordnorge-com_moskenes
  • By the Sea– We will be living near the coast or on an island. It’s very serene.
  • Socialist– Yes, I actually like that they are Socialist. It works well for Norway and their people.
  • Healthcare system– Healthcare in Norway costs about $400 a year vs my $10,000 per year. Big big big big reason to leave the States. 
  • Kim’s Family lives in Norway
  • Less Stressful life- Lifestyle of Norway differs from the United States. ?Mental illness is more taken care of?
  • Personalities of Norwegian Peoples– It’s not go-go-go all the time like it is in the States. They are far more relaxed overall, but they are “cold” or in my experiences reserved and shy with strangers. The notion they aren’t social is a myth however. They know how to party hard.
  • Safe– You can walk around at night without the fear of being shot or raped. Your children are safe left alone. The mentality of Norwegians are just different in how they treat one another.
  • “Allemannsrett” or All Man’s Right Law– You have the freedom to explore uncultivated land.
  • Forests– Norwegians love their forests. Hiking is HUGE in Norway! They have trails everywhere.
  • History– They have a rich history and culture that I am already a fan of. Like, I’m a nerd. osebergskipet
  • Right to Vacations and Time off– Ever feel pressured to never request off or feel guilty for requesting time off in the States? I do.  That all is unheard of in Norway. They want you to take vacations.
  • Work to Live not Live to Work mentality
  • System for Retirement– Social Security won’t exist for my generation.
  • Food– Some preservatives and additives to food are not allowed. Food is fresher and healthier. Their food culturekaffistova overall is a healthier one. Being a type 1 diabetic, this should help me a lot.


3 thoughts on “Reasons to Move to Norway

  1. I will just say…

    Even as a small child you seemed to be fit for somewhere other than here. Not that you didn’t belong, but more that a piece of you was created for some place different. Had I, when we reconnected, found out that you had already up and moved to Norway I would have nodded to myself and said “perfect”. So now that you’re debating about it (which you do need to consider the details regardless. It’s not something to just up and do…), I really feel like it’s a direction that you were bound to go in.

    The question I would talk about with your husband is the exact details on your transition. Is he going to be working during the day, and therefor leaving you alone to fend for yourself? Is there an immersion experience, such as structured language classes you can take once you’re over there (do it there. They will give you a more impact experience than anything here will). I think if you’re seriously playing with the possibilities, set aside your fears in your conversations. Not that they need to be dismissed (absolutely not), but instead start talking with the “if we were to do this…” attitude and start working out the realistic plan. That way it’s more productive, it shows you a better expectation of what moving would mean, and instead of constantly comforting hypothetical you’re able to start working out the realistic concerns.


    1. There are language classes funded by the government for immigrants that can be taken for free. I forgot to add that that to my last post. We are discussing the next steps and the when. He is actually trying to find a job already! You’re absolutely right. I need the right attitude. And thank you for your kind words.


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