5 Year Anniversary

I’ve met numerous awesome people on the internet such as Becoming Finnish , Find Balance (noneedforscales) , and BeautyBeyondBones . Finnish/Australian, New Zealand and American women. . . . It’s amazing that the world seems so much smaller now because of social media. In fact- that is how I met my husband.

I was doing a project for Sociology class in college. A friend mentioned to me that his former high school had a foreign exchange student from Norway. He said I should interview him. I messaged this boy named Kim on facebook. I interviewed him and we remained friends for several years.

One day I was doing homework at my college alone, messaging Kim at the same time for hours. I finally got him to say he was in love with me by saying “I love chocolate.” He booked a trip to meet me and we started dating. A year later or so we were married. Kim moved to the United States and obtained a Green Card. Now we are celebrating 5 years happily married together.


My husband is an inspiring person in my life because he is a hard worker and is passionate about exploring the world. Kim has studied in Thailand, Japan and the US.  He even learned Thai massage in Thailand, that adds to his massage therapy reputation as having rare techniques and the ability to do deep tissue that is both relaxing and medicinal. He inspires me to want to step out of my comfort zone and try new things such as traveling more and exotic food. He has taken me to Norway several times and helped me understand the culture more and explained things to me.

Kim moved from Norway to the United States with basically nothing. We went to resale stores to try and get what he needed. He relied heavily on others at first- even getting someone to rent him an apartment was out of kindness. He was alone in the apartment. I was still living with my parents. I remember visiting him and just watching television on a tiny TV. Soon he did something I dreamed about as a child- adopting a cat. He let me choose the cat and I knew right away which cat I had to adopt. stonerHis name was Stoney or soon to be called “Stoner.” He is a beautiful black cat with green eyes and a very friendly personality. Stoner was the first major gift Kim gave me before we were even married. Stoner lived with Kim until I eventually moved in.

My husband continues to inspire me and teach me about love. He has taught me that fear is temporary and exploration of the world is important. Kim has helped me become the woman I am now.





Love you, hubby boo.



2 thoughts on “5 Year Anniversary

  1. Congratulations on your anniversary! You seem like you are both inspiring people so you are well-matched. All the best for many more happy years and adventures together 🙂

    PS. Thanks so much for the mention! I love that it’s so easy to connect with people all around the world and it’s especially amazing when you find someone with a similar story!


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