Happy Independence Day!

Well, it just might be the last 4th of July I’ll be celebrating in the States for a long time. I have fond memories of this holiday. Barbecue, burgers, lemon squares and lemonade with fireworks shooting off into the air. The smell of the burning from the fireworks filling my nostrils as I would sit on the grass waiting for the next one and then the next one. Sometimes there were family parties and sometimes it was just my mom and dad and brother.

Today, I sadly worked an eight hour shift. Here in America holidays are not always celebrated by everyone. In Norway things shut down and people celebrate, but noooooooooooo . . . . not in the States. Corporations do not care about you or your family- just money making. I was told by my husband the view of holidays is different in Norway.

That literally holidays are holidays. What a revelation. . . . . .

So I made barbecue chicken after my shift and we will have it with pasta salad my husband made. I will sip my blueberry lemonade and watch TV. No fireworks tonight. It’s a rather half-a** holiday celebration if you ask me.

It’s just not fair.




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