My Cats

Kim seems to want to move even as early as next spring because he could possibly have a massage job lined up. He’s very excited and should be of course. Yet, my feelings are mixed. I’m still hesitant.

At first my heart strings were pulled when he told me I’d have to sell things or give them away. Like, I’m American. I like my things. I’m attached to my things, as horrible as that may seem. I have collections of Japanese magazines, stuffed animals and clothes that I just might need to get rid of.  I really don’t want to. Starting to get rid of things will make this move feel all too real..

The biggest issue right now is not my things but my cats. I refer to my cats as furbabies. I don’t know what to do. I planned on taking them with but someone commented that it might not be good for them to leave.

Clockwise starting at the bottom: Taco-Ravioli, Stoner, Owly

One of my cats, Owly (brown long haired cat pictured to the left), will not handle the move well. She didn’t come out for a week when we moved the first time with her. I’m not sure how she will respond to being shipped.

I’ve been researching that the kitties may not need to be quarantined. This is a massive relief. They do, however, need certain shots, a clean bill of health and other specifications before entering Norway. Here is what I read.

All day today I was a total wreck thinking I had to adopt out my cats so they didn’t get traumatized by our move. The troubles of being a crazy cat lady.


3 thoughts on “My Cats

  1. Ooh you might be moving at the same time as me! I know how hard it is to decide what is the right thing to do with the cats. Although it sounds quite easy to take them from USA to Norway compared to, for example, bringing animals into Australia. I know of another blogger who brought 2 dogs from the US to Finland and they were fine 🙂

    We have decided to find a new home for our bunny because there’s a number of reasons why she wouldn’t handle moving. I feel so horrible about it but I know it’s the right decision 😦

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    1. I feel for you! But we gotta do what is right for our pets. Yes, we may be moving sooner than expected. All boils down to whether my husband has a job offer. I was actually under the impression that you lived in Finland already! But we might move at the same time?! That is really something!


      1. I’ll be excitedly waiting to hear what happens with his job! I live in Australia at the moment but I lived in Finland 8 years ago as an exchange student. We are moving in April next year 🙂


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