Insight to Diabetes in the States

My medications, my supplies and my machines cost a fortune without insurance. What would I do without my insurance? US healthcare is changing and I may once again have to switch to another insurance provider- if I can with pre-existing conditions.

It’s very scary to think of what I would pay to stay alive. It’s really ridiculous that there are people in America struggling to pay the cost of insulin because they can’t get or afford healthcare. I lost my doctors and hospital due to Obamacare- but others literally lost their whole insurance plans.

With healthcare being debated in the US right now, I’m concerned about what the new healthcare bill will say. If it says premiums go up for pre-existing conditions I will HAVE TO move to Norway.  Most people in the States do not have that luxury.

Sign the petition here.


Norway’s healthcare system is cheaper and I won’t need to be afraid anymore. What about everyone else- even outside the US. Something needs to be done. 




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