Review of Duolingo: Norwegian

I’ve made it past the first marker in Duolingo! Something like 400 words I’ve learned thus far and still going. I thought I’d write a little review on Duolingo.


  • Is it easy? At times it can be really easy. Now that I’ve made it past a marker it’s using a lot of words I’ve been learning so it got harder, but this is a good thing! Without a bit of challenge you won’t learn.
  • How fast paced is it? It is as fast paced as a classroom would be. You decide how fast you will learn in the beginning when you set up Duolingo. I chose 2-3 sections a day and I do not have an issue.
  • Are there any issues? I find that I read and write Norwegian better than pronouncing and speaking due to Duolingo. I recognize words when they are said. This may be due to being a beginner but speaking the language I think will continue to be an issue.
  • Do I only need Duolingo to learn a language? I would not solely rely on this program to learn a language if you mean to learn it fluently though it is a great start.


I rate Duolingo 4 out of 5 stars. It is a wonderful, easy way to learn a language for free.

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