Esty to Artist and Scientist

I love skin. I love skincare. I love the science. I love the history. The products. Make up. Make up application. Special effects. Making someone feel beautiful and healthy. I love the ability to change one’s appearance into something very different. I enjoy naturalism and purity of ingredients. Here is a favorite artist of mine:

I am an esthetician or at least I was one. This is a title meaning a skin specialist- one that is legally allowed in the chosen state to preform skin facials and other modalites for the face and body. I could even have my own line of skin care or make up. I don’t know if I am allowed to call myself an esthetician any longer. As of this month, I am legally not allowed to preform services in the state of Illinois. I let my licence expire.

Why do that? It takes three years in Norway to become an esthetician versus the seemingly pathetic 6 months it takes in Illinois. I would rather redo my licence in Norway than pay for what I believe to be inferior education in the US. We also really don’t have the money nor the time for me to go through education again in the US.

I don’t have plans as to what I will do now. Having a line of skincare or make up of my own is a dream but I don’t know if I will ever accomplish it. I feel content exploring and dabbling in the art and science of skin and beauty for now. I will simply be an artist and scientist.




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