I got Trolled in Norway

My hubby loves trolls! Trolls are indeed HUGE in Norway ❤

Hei Hei

Hei hei,

If you’ve ever visited Norway, you probably noticed something strange in almost every single tourist shop – rows and rows of preciously ugly little troll figurines.

krasnal-2586080_1920 These little guys are everywhere!

I have my own little troll which sits beside my bed. My boyfriend bought him for me as part of a ‘Norway Survival Kit’ he made me for my first visit here and he’s travelled with me to all the way to New Zealand and back again!

So, what’s the deal with trolls anyway, and what are they doing all over Norway?

Trolls have stomped their way through the imaginations of generations and can be traced all the way back to Norse mythology. ‘Troll’ is actually a collective name for many different humanoid creatures and while their looks and attributes vary from source to source, they are usually depicted as equal parts dangerous and stupid. Generally, Trolls can…

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