Reinventing Myself

Something I’ve been thinking a lot about is the fact that when a person moves they can reinvent themselves. I am moving so far away from my norm that I can do this!


  • European clothes– A lot of Europeans seem to love H&M. Norway has a Forever 21 like store called Cubus. I get to reinvent my style or just make myself more me!
  • Expand my social circle– Getting out of my comfort zone. Actually speak Norwegian and make new friends! Be brave!
  • Try new things! – New food, new experiences, new people
  • Explore my interests– Art, Fashion, Photography, Anthropology, History. . . .I will have the time to do this so I should!
  • Letting go of what was not meant for me. – Maybe it’s the apartment I didn’t get or the job I wanted and didn’t get. It’s unnecessary pain to hold on to these things. Just LET IT GO LET IT GOOOOOO tenor
  • Get my health under control– Oh boy, easier said then done. Eat healthy, stay active,  do everything my diabetes requires me to do. . .those are just some things.
  • Do a self-care and self-love routine everyday. – There are calendars on pinterest for this and I plan to follow one for a month.
  • Have fun with my hair. – I have ideas for my hair. Mostly dye it blue.
  • Treat people as you want to be treated. – I read this once on a bookmark inside a bible. It’s been how I treat people ever since. I treat people as best as I can.
  • Be open to new perspectives. – Norwegians did not grow up like me nor live where I lived. They are going to be different and that is okay! I just have to be open minded to their perspectives and differences.
  • harajukuTravel– Oh myy this is a huge one! With the way Norway is, my hubby and I will be able to travel. We plan on Spain first since his aunt lives there part of the time. I also want to go to Japan and Sicily.
  • New career– I have a lot of interest in tourism to teach about the area or working at a museum. I feel like I could really be able to interact with tourists. My passion was to become an anthropologist originally, so tourism is a little bit of that to me. I still may be able to do something with my esthetics teachings, but as far as doing facials. . . . I rather not. My last job doing that burned me out. Being in retail to sell make up requires me to learn Norwegian. I’m up for the challenge! So many things I could do.
  • Learn to think more positive. – I am a massive pessimist. I expect the worst to happen always. I think it has something to do with my anxiety disorder getting in the way. However, learning to be positive can do wonders for my health and life overall. I need to be positive about myself, my situations, and my future. Less fear, more positive thoughts.
  • Glasses! – I plan on getting new glasses and contacts in Norway! Glasses can really change the way your face looks. I’m long overdue for this.
  • ramen tattooTattoos –  I have some plans for tattoos to get but as a rule of thumb, I wait and think them over for awhile. My sister in law and I are going to get Hello Kitty tattoos. Mine will be Hello Kitty eating a bowl of ramen on my ankle.  Another idea is getting a collar bone piece with art from Kat Von D’s make up and perfume bottle designs.
  • Find a Mentor. – On many lists on how to reinventing yourself out there, finding a mentor is listed. Well, I have one. My father is the ultimate badass. He is a fighter and strives for the best in himself. His spirit and morality continues to inspire me everyday.

Kim, my husband, thinks once we move I may blossom into more of who I am. Why not have fun with it?!


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