My Battle with Stubborn Blood Sugar

As I might have mentioned before- my diabetes is out of control. We’re talking 500-270 blood sugar ranges everyday. For a healthy person, your blood sugar should be 100-70. My endocrinologist and I have been trying to determine what is the culprit. Is it me?  After Paleo, Keto, Non-Red Meat Vegetarianism, and Low Carb we decided that what I ate was not the problem. I saw an autoimmune specialist and I have fibromyalsia. That does not cause high blood sugars. Next is seeing if my digestion is the issue. Drugs and more insulin do not control my blood sugars.My endocrinologist is baffled by me. So what do I do if nothing is working? I’m not giving up.


In Norway, I plan to try:

  1.  Changing my medications or cutting down the number of medications. I’m on so many it’s pathetic. I can’t even…
  2.  Trying to cut out gluten to see if it matters. This is literally the only diet I haven’t done.
  3. Seeing if medical marijuana will help. Oh yes, I’ll even try taboo if it means my health will improve. Medical marijuana is legal in Norway.
  4.  Drinking that 8 glasses of water a day to flush out sugar through my urine. It is said to be quite helpful actually. 8-glasses


Did I mention I need prayer? Yeah, lots of that.

2 thoughts on “My Battle with Stubborn Blood Sugar

  1. What other illnesses do you have besides diabetes and fibromyalgia? I am type 1 diabetic (since 1987) and I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism a bit over a year ago and have been struggling with insulin resistance (stubborn high blood sugars) ever since. I just switched from synthetic thyroid medication (levothyroxine) to Natural Desiccated Thyroid (Armour) and it seems to have immediately lowered my insulin resistance by tons! I hope you can figure your issue out, I know from experience how very frustrating and heart-breaking this is. There are so many factors that go into blood sugar control, it can drive a person insane trying to figure it out. My heart breaks for you.


    1. All this time, I had been told I have IBS but my new gastroenterologist thinks I have gastroparesis. We will see after a special test. I also have anixety, OCD and depression as well as high cholesterol. I’ve only been type 1 since August 2013. Thank you for relating with me even though it sucks. I’ll find the culprit to my high blood sugar eventually.


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