So much snow!

Oh myy. These are words I need to practice! Here are some winter wonderland words!

Hei Hei

Hei hei,

Winter is well and truly on the way in Bergen. The temperature is dropping and on Friday, we had our very first sprinkle of snow! However, I was informed that this slushy mixture of rain and snow is not actually called snow in Norwegian but instead, ‘sludd.’

That got me thinking, in a country which gets its fair share of winter snowfall, there must be a few different ways to describe it. During my snøord search, I soon discovered that there are in fact A LOT of different words used to describe snow and snow-related activities. I’ve shared a few of the basics and some of my favourites, but if you’re snow inclined, this blog post is incredibly comprehensive!

  1. Plain old snow: snø, snjo, snjø, snog, snjor, sjog, sjo, sny and snjy
  2. Snowflake: snøflak
  3. Light, small snow-flakes: fjukr
  4. Very large snowflake: snøfloke, snøflinte, snøflukse
  5. Grain of snow: snøkorn

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