I’ve messed around with writing, make up, fine arts, graphic arts and soon, more photography. I need another challenge as an artist to keep me occupied and I’ve always had a fear and fascination with starting music seriously.

I was in chorus in middle school. I really enjoyed singing. I learned I am a second soprano. This means I can match different vocal ranges with ease. I even can match deep male vocals and I asked to be placed in this section with the boys. Many of the boys didn’t like that I asked to do this but soon were impressed by my ability. I had no interest in learning the typical vocal ranges. I wanted to sound like Jim Morrison from The Doors and Grace Slick from Jefferson Airplane. Dark, deep and clean is what I really like.

Jim Morrison

I also have a huge fascination with electronica after hearing disco from my parents and then the emergence of techno. There just is nothing like hearing some good, deep bass and fast beat. When I learned that metal and techno was combined such as with Combichrist and Rammstein my mind was blown! The more music styles I explore the more motivated I get to produce my own.

Let’s get artsy.








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