Escape Your Box

“The problem with many Americans is that they think the world is America. You need to be more open minded to the world.”

One ex boyfriend told me “America is the greatest. America is better than all the other countries.” 1. He has never been to another country 2. He knew little about other countries 3. He had no desire to learn or go to another country. This is a summary of a lot of American people and it’s alarming.


I insult my own people with the hope that something will change. Being oblivious to other people and their ideas is just a stupid way to live. There is so much out there to see, explore, learn and feel. It’s like you are only partially living life.

If you can’t explore another country, I encourage you to just simply read. Read a newspaper, read a book or even try to learn another language. There is nothing better than exploring another country from the comfort of a blanket and tea.

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