Realization of Hygge

My hubby’s mother and step father are with us right now visiting. Today we went to Chicago. Boy, did they buy a lot of Christmas gifts. On the train, I was reading my book all about hyyge and it came to the section on what Norway calls it: Koselig.


I looked to my husband and said “Is this true? Am I calling it the wrong thing?”  “Koselig or Hyggelig… not really hygge. It’s not common to say that.”


What is Koselig? Translated to English it literally means cozy. “More than anything else, koselig is a feeling: that of cosiness, intimacy, warmth, happiness, being content. To achieve the feeling of koselig, you need koselig things. In darker months, cafes provide blankets on their outdoor chairs, and shops light their entrances with candles. At home, friends and family are entertained with simple, wholesome food, home-made waffles, lashings of coffee. In the mountain cabin, the flask of pølser (hot dogs) are passed around by day, and a flask of cognac is passed around by night”  

There are other cultures with words similar to koselig and the idea of hygge is not uniquely Nordic, just like I had said before in my other blog post about hygge.

In pictures, this is koselig in Norway:





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