28th Birthday Post

For my birthday, I want to write down a bit of what I have learned in my 28 years of life- especially because moving to Norway is another chapter starting and another chapter ending. I feel I have quite a bit of wisdom especially revolving around death and pain. Here are my top 15:

  1. Be proud of your struggle, not ashamed.
  2. Pain and sadness is human and therefore has a sense of beauty in it.
  3. Suffering brings me closer to God. Christ died for me in a terrifying manner and therefore I can suffer like a human for Him.
  4. Being so globally aware and open minded to others made me who I am.
  5. Be a leader and not a follower. Followers don’t change anything.
  6. You don’t need “things.” You are not your stuff.
  7. Forgive, no matter how hard it is.
  8. I need people. Every human does to survive.
  9. Religion is really confusing.
  10. My spirit animal is a cat.
  11. I don’t need everyone’s approval.
  12. My weapon against the world is my faith.
  13. I’m beautiful at size 0 and at size 15. The fashion world is bullshit.
  14. Forgive your body, it’s doing what it can do. It’s not your fault.
  15. Being a cyborg is okay.





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