Number One

My favorite Scandianavian is a Swede. (Yes, I chose a Swede- leave me alone guys.) It’s not Ville Valo or anyone from a band but a mom. A rather humble mother of three that is rather eccentric.

Her name is Adora BatBrat. 


Adora’s real name is Anne-Sophie Wimmerstedt, born December 5th, 1972 in Sweden to loving parents. She is an internationally known model, make up guru, designer and artist.  Her make up style includes eye-swirls, rhinestones and forehead bling that many women around the world have learned to create and apply. Adora Batbrat calls herself the Queen of Goth.


At 16 she met her husband  Ronny Gärdh at a goth club and instantly fell in love. They have three children together. It is rumored and confirmed that she had a baby girl, Janne. at 16. She was raised with family as a sister to Adora. Adora says she wouldn’t have been a good mother at 16.

“After being used as a “thinspiration” model on pro-ana sites Adora told about her eating habits to prevent girls from using starvation to be skinny. Adora eats according to Montignac Method; a method using the glycemic index to eat yourself skinny by eating healthy” wikipedia. Adora constantly posts herself eating on her social media sites to show girls she eats.

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