Oh found it!

I have had tummy problems since my teens. I would eat steak or sausage. Later that night, I’d lay on the bathroom floor in pain until I would finally throw up. I went non-red meat vegetarian, and had as many no meat meals as possible to make the pain stop. It worked for awhile until other things started to make me ill too. It just became a part of my life and it became the norm. I saw a doctor and had some tests. IBS was what it was labelled and I followed the complicated as hell FODMAP diet. It did nothing.

Now we have a name for it- diabetic gastroparesis. My stomach empties too slowly causing wierd blood sugar readings, nausea, vomiting, fullness…. this is caused by a dead nerve that cannot do it’s job anymore due to diabetes. The nurse said it on the phone so nonchalant as though it was no big deal. I knew it was because I had scared myself the day before watching youtube videos about it. I saw people with feeding tubes and more machines that would make me even more cyborg enhanced. I got scared but I haven’t cried. I choked up but I didn’t, couldn’t, let myself cry.

This is the diagnosis to end the high blood sugar war ravaging my body. I was knew something was wrong in my gut (haha get it? Bad one, moving on.) and I finally found it after mannnnnnyyyyy tests later. So here I go. I’m reading about it, watching youtube and reading credited websites all about GP. I even found a blog, A Heart For Humanity, that explains life with GP.





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