Proud Finns: Independence and HIM

If you thought I didn’t know about 100 years of Finnish Independence from Sweden and Russia you’d be very wrong. How could I not know? So many of the facebook pages, blogs and websites I follow announced it joyously.


Also with this post I want to say goodbye to HIM, one of Finland’s most well known bands. They retire early next year.

I remember the first time I really saw HIM on MTV. Their shirts and merchandise were on all the boys. I thought it was just Bam Margera crap. Then I actually saw a music video by them. I remember it vividly because it was the beginning of something wonderful for me- the beginning of being in love with Finland.

I have many memories of HIM. They were forbidden by my parents and liking them made me a rebellious teenager. I had them all over the place: my locker, my computer and really anywhere I could hide them. My first love even looked like Ville Valo with a replica of his famous “Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell” jacket. He would send me promiscous pictures of Ville to flirt and burned every album from Finland he owned. I then watched every VIVA LA BAM episode hoping to see Ville Valo and got into gothic music.


HIM was a band I feel I connect with, artistically helps me flourish and helped me to understand love. Love is one of the greatest emotions to feel but it can make you suffer and hurt. It can toy with you, it can be a beast. It can seem evil. This is HIM.

Congratulations, Finland. You’ve had one hell of a year.

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