She was tiny then. Owly had bearly anything to her but fluffy long hair and a gentle nature. She had been found as a kitten in Chicago by herself with no mom. The cat shelter owner, my sister in law, was concerned that she wouldn’t be adoptable because she was so shy of humans. My husband held her and Owly exposed her belly to him to pet her. She chose him. Now, I was looking at the doorway watching this tiny baby cat. She opened her mouth to let out a squeak. Then another. Then another. Then she finally formed a meow. It was past midnight and I fell asleep to her practicing talking. Memories like these are why you own a cat.

I looked at my husband and said “It’s a deal-breaker if I can’t take my cats.”  He looked at me worried. Moving to Norway would be difficult for a cat he explained. The traveling would take at least 18 hours in a cage and then adjusting to the new environment. Then the airline would have to approve them coming along.

Change of plans. The worst happened. Owly and Taco-Ravioli cannot come along. Just my black cat, Stoney, can. The airplane trips have room for only one cat.

It’s not a deal-breaker. I am just really upset. I’m leaving so much already. Now I have to give up my pets? Bullshit. Like, I am asking myself why I am doing this again? I am reassuring myself this is the right thing to do. My two cats will be taken care off.

I will really miss having my little family together.


Why did I choose Stoney? Stoney was my first cat and a gift from my hubby, Kim. Stoney or “Stoner” has a super relaxed personality fit for transitioning, being handled and a plane ride. He loves humans, eating chicken and catnip. I remember a period that Kim was gone. I think it was due to some government rule. . . . And I slept for the first time in our apartment at night alone. Stoner came into bed with me and slept on Kim’s side all night. Some of the fondest memories of our early marriage was playing with Stoner.  We both loved watching him jump in the air and teaching him the command “kiss kiss” for nose kisses.

My life is a little ball of stress right now, but I am hopeful it’s all worth it.


5 thoughts on “Deal-breaker.

  1. So sorry to hear that this has happened 😦 Would it be possible for you or a family member to bring the cats over at a later date? It’s hard not to get cold feet but remember that nothing worth having ever comes easily x


    1. We don’t have anyone for a temporary home. They already have cats. Kim and I figure a permanent home is better. We don’t want them to get used to a new owner just to have to leave them again. Thank you for your kind words. ❤


      1. That’s a rough decision to make – you are very brave. I have to start looking for a new owner for our pet rabbit soon – it’s heartbreaking but I know it’s the right choice for her.


  2. Oh no, I’m so sorry! I can’t imagine having to leave any of my cats behind. You are very brave to be doing what you are doing. I am happy though that you’re still going to pursue Norway, I think that really sounds like a dream for you 🙂


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