Look here, Haters…

Seems that now that I am following my dreams people got something to say about it. Others have tried to guilt me, claim I’m ignorant or stupid about the world. They claim I don’t know what I am doing. Some even got angry.


This girl is not gonna let fears or anything stop her. I got stuff to do in my life before I die. Working at a dead end job I hate and living in a tiny apartment aren’t any of them. I see those as mere stepping stones to owning a house, kitties and doggies. I want to live by the ocean and cuddle to sleep. I want to work a fun job. I want to see the world with my hubs. And I’m gonna. I got plans.

Here are some things I want to do before I die:

  1. Visit several nations including: New Zealand, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, England, Japan, South Korea, Spain. . . .
  2. Visit a tropical Island
  3. Ask the Dalai Lama a question
  4. Go on a cruise
  5. Walk for Mental Health
  6. Meet and hug Adora BatBrat
  7. Walk for Leukemia
  8. Pet an otter
  9. Make homemade pho
  10. Be a mommy to a puppy
  11. Go rock climbing
  12. Visit a Buddhist temple
  13. Make Indonesian food with Aunt Aika (hubby’s aunt)
  14. Invest in stocks
  15. Attend an anime convention in full cosplay as a character
  16. Visit the Vatican
  17. Learn to knit
  18. Make a pilgrimage to the site of St. Dymphna
  19. Drop a 500$ dollar tip just because
  20. Get a degree
  21. Get a PhD
  22. Stay at an Ice Hotel
  23. Eat street tacos in California
  24. bathe in milk
  25. Have a successful art business
  26. See a fashion show
  27. Meet Jyrki Linnankivi
  28. Hug a Gothic Lolita in Japan
  29. Teach Benjamin how to make sauce
  30. Hike in a Japanese Forest
  31. Get more tattoos
  32. Go to the Black Cat Ball in the United States
  33. Be 115 pounds again
  34. Live in another nation other than Norway and The United States.
  35. Visit New Orleans during Halloween
  36. Write a book
  37. Eat a 5 star restraunt
  38. Own a art studio
  39. Own a hot tub and use it during winter
  40. Have paella in Spain
  41. Host a fancy tea party
  42. Have an expensive wedding
  43. Dye my hair green
  44. Let someone cut my hair however they want to
  45. Vacation in the middle of nowhere without wifi
  46.  Have a walk in closet
  47. Have a Harry Potter Marathon and watch all the movies
  48. Drive a Corvette
  49. Dive in the ocean
  50. Get published

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