Stoner the Cat

Stoner is staying with me. He is my black cat furbaby and my eldest. As a baby, he lived with over 100 cats before being rescued from the hoarder. I suspect from his behavior that he ate human food. He absolutely loves chicken and will dig through the garbage to get at chicken bones. Stoner was in the shelter for two years.

He was constantly overlooked by potential adopters because he was black. Here, black cats mean bad luck or are associated with evil and witchcraft. All a bunch of crap. He was adopted once and returned for being too friendly. What a wierdo! He meows when you close a door and the man didn’t like that. BUT Stoner was to be MY cat. I sat in the room full of cats at the shelter. This black kitty with big green eyes came to me and sat in my lap. I wanted him badly. My husband adopted him for me and I have loved Stoner ever since.

Did I mention he has gotten several people to adopt a black cat ever since they heard his story? Black cats are the first to be euthanized due to their color and superstitions. They also are targets of violence towards cats.They are tortured and murdered on Halloween especially. Stoner quickly melts hearts and gets people to change their mind about black kitties. He talks, runs up to them and smothers with kisses. What’s not to love?

Stoney is Stoner’s real name, but we never call him that. His eyes are super green like a leaf in summertime. They are always wide open and full of life. After leaving him home with a plant (cat friendly) we discovered he loved plants. Any green plant. We no longer have plants because he eats them! Stoner also loves catnip. He will get stoned and be unable to function. He will sniff it, roll around in it and eat it. We’ve had to ration how much he gets at a time. He goes crazy for it!


I have decided to get excited- even just having just one cat. I got him a harness for the plane ride to Norway. It has skull and crossbones with a hood so it looks like he is wearing a little hoodie. It’s super cute! I am one of those people that will dress up their cat. I have no shame.  I also got him a leash. He will have to be taken out of his carrier for security and I don’t want to take any chances.

He has been super good with getting checked out at the veterinarian for the move. He warmed hearts as usual. He just plopped on the counter and showed his belly. Stoner wasn’t even scared. Just wanted love and kisses.

Tomorrow I surrender Owly and Taco to a no-kill shelter, but at least I have Stoner.




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