Norwegian Invasion 2018

We leave tomorrow from Chicago to Norway! My mom was a big help in getting ready. Everything is done and packed up.

There is just an issue taking my cat at the USDA office but it should be fixed tomorrow. My brother and I will be driving to the office with more paperwork for Stoner. This worries me because if for any reason we don’t have what what need for him, Stoner doesn’t come with.

Other than that, we are ready.



There will be tears, which is the worst part. My family will be sad to say goodbye but I still have no second thoughts on this. Moving needs to happen and I plan to have the time of my life.




5 thoughts on “Norwegian Invasion 2018

  1. Oh my gosh, how exciting! I hope your travels are safe and pleasant 🙂 And speaking from my own experiences moving to another country, I’m sure sure at times it will be REALLY tough, but also incredibly rewarding! You got this 🙂


  2. Good luck! An international moving is always a big thing. It is such an exciting journey, though it sad to say farewell. Focus on the good things, and everything will be all right. Excited for you, how you will create your new life in Norway!

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