First Days in Norway: Part I

Despite airport security thinking my insulin pump was a bomb in Chicago, not being able to bring my black cat with due to a bunch of bullshit papers, and being tired out of my mind- we are safe in Norway.


As for my black kitty, Stoner, my fears happened AGAIN. He did not have what he needed to come along. The USDA would not give us papers to get him through to Norway so there was a giant fiasco. My brother was upset he was going to take in Stoner but then my parents decided to take him in. Stoner is happy and go-lucky as ever. He just wondered my parents house talking up a storm, played with toys and sniffed the other cats named Pebbles and Bandit. He is a happy kitty which makes it easier to be separated. Next time we fly to the US we will be taking him along.

I also must mention that I am stupid and really only brought pajamas with. I haven’t the slightest clue why except perhaps I was in too much of a hurry to be bothered with details and just saw clothes. We had to buy underwear, socks and shirts at Cubus (Norwegian Forever 21) which was fun. I like getting new things. We walked around the mall MOA which is the largest mall in Norway. I can believe it. It is several buildings linked together and it’s getting bigger.




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