American Healthcare is Stupid.

I am angry. I am angry that I was tossed aside in America to have contrainindications. Loosing limbs, kidney failure, blood transfusions. . . . all were to be my future. The more I learn from the Norwegian healthcare system the more upset I feel.


I believe healthcare is a right. Why should the rich be able to live while I have to suffer and die because I cannot afford insulin costs in the US? I am angry. Are you angry?

Treatment in Norway

I am being treated here in Norway. I do not know what would lie ahead for me if changes had not been made and quickly to my diabetic regime. My blood sugar numbers were dangerous. I am on an insulin pump as well as insulin pens now after my hospital stay. I am taking so much insulin! I  no longer know how or what to eat. The hospital recommended I see a nutritionist. I am seriously thrilled to see a professional that knows how to work with gastroparesis as well as diabetes. I`m getting answers.

Did I mention the head doctor at the hosptial thought I was type 2? UGHHHHHHH. It is something I will have to get used to being called. I am not too happy to be labelled type 2. This is probably due to the stigma that you did it to yourself if you have type 2. I am fed up with people (including doctors) blaming me for this. I eat better than most people I know.

Well friends, medical problems have become a way of life for me. I just am glad to be in Norway now.



3 thoughts on “American Healthcare is Stupid.

  1. I married into a Norwegian family, too. My husband is Eric Leif Strand, and brothers are Einar, Neil, and Leif. Einar changed his name to Tristan as soon as he was an adult. He died young because he did not care for his diabetes when he was initially diagnosed. He thought he could whatever quantities he wanted and “just cover it with insulin” as he says he was taught at diabetes lessons. Of course, this was the 70s and DM care wasn’t as good as it is now.

    As far as your anger against the American medical system, I join you in condemning it even though, and because, I worked on the inside as a nurse practitioner before I was disabled.

    Looking forward to hearing about your life in Norway.


    1. Thank you Miss Strand. You must understand how difficult it is for me right now and my struggle with diabetes. I won`t sugar coat it- it is awful. I know Americans that did what Tristan did. Not the best idea. I will be learning how to eat but it is complicated. I will get into that more in another blog post. Happy reading!


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