All About the Blogger

To celebrate 50 followers, I want to introduce myself more so. Feel free to also fill out this questionnaire on your blogs. I would love to learn about you as well! Tag me!

About the Blogger


Name: Christina Marie Ulvestad

Age: 28

Gender: Female

A Selfie

Me with my husband, Kim


Food: Skittles candy, pasta, true ramen, pho ga, svele,  grilled cheese, bbq chicken, tacos, fajitas, chili

Drink: juice, milk, chocolate milk, coffee

Book: Anna of Byzantium, Emily Dickenson, Ghost in a Shell, Death Note

Song: There are far too many songs that I love and are emotionally attached to. I have “til the love runs out” from One Republic tattooed on my shoulder. . .

Movie: Boondock Saints, Lilo and Stitch, Fight Club, Ever After, Ghost in the Shell, Pulp Fiction, Hanna

Band: Right now I am into Combichrist, Lykke Li, Austra and Deadmau5. I like a wide variety.

Solo Artist: see “Band” answer above.

Place: I need to travel more 🙂

Subject: anthropology, sociology, food, art, crochet/knitting, Scandinavian everything

Sport: Football (US soccer)- Manchester United Fan just like my hubby!

Male actor: John Travolta, Johnny Depp

Female actor: Scarlett Johansson, Saoirse Ronan, Drew Barrymore


Schooling: High School then I did community college and took as many social science classes as possible. I participated in classes such as Muslim Studies, Global Religions, and Abnormal Psychology. My sociology class is how I met my husband. I interviewed him for a paper on Norwegian religions.

BF: I have several close friends. I am amazed at how awesome they are and different they can be from me but still respect me. I love them very much.

Political ideology:  I don’t understand the political system in Norway very well. I’m like a conservative moderate socialist.

Religion: Christian, with Catholic and Orthodox parts. I am quite old school.

Tattoos: Marimekko Unikko print tattoo in green, one I got at 18 years old, then the “til the love runs out” I mentioned before. I want more all over. ❤

Piercings: Ears!  Several on my ears. I had my nose done but a particular person hated it and I took it out. I might get a Medusa or a Monroe and my belly button. It all depends. I think long and hard about these things. I need to make sure I can get a job.

Languages: English, some Spanish, a little French, learning Norwegian Bokmål

Reason behind your blog’s name: Stiina is my childhood nickname given to me by my mother. It is also a nod to my love of the Finnish people because it is oddly a Finnish name!

Why you blog: I want to document my integration into Norwegian culture and teach about Norway. I really want to write a book but a blog is much easier.

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