The Blond Misconception

7399c79702ea260c9eac3b9dc4f98a7e-birthdays-disney-cruiseplanDo all Norwegians look blond, blue eyed and bushy tailed? Do they look like Anna and Elsa? What does a Norwegian look like?

It’s a stereotype to think they all are fair, most definitely. It is one stereotype about Norway that I have had to come to terms with that I am just wrong about. For example, this area has had shipwrecked sailors from Spain settle here. This has made some of the people have darker skin and dark black hair. Actually some of my husband’s relatives are darker skinned with black hair. They are no less Norwegian than a fair-skinned blond blue-eyed person.

I keep saying I want to look Norwegian. I want to be less embarrassed about being foreign. One of my brothers in law kindly pointed out that I can’t completely change myself just for the culture. I need to be myself. If that means I have dark hair and dark eyes with olive skin and stick out, then that is me.

Perhaps I will not put blond in my hair after all.

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