Serving the News

41bftck5t-l-_sy355_The Bad News

I’ll give it to you straight. . . . . .  I won’t be able to take Norwegian classes until I am “in the system” as my husband puts it or legally able to stay in Norway. Right now, I am here on a Tourist Visa.  I actually have to fly to the US for three months starting in April until I get a documents saying I can stay in Norway. I’m really not happy to fly back, without my husband, and stay there waiting. We won’t be together for our anniversary this year. I hope he gives me a teddy bear since we will be apart. I have hinted I want a Care Bear.

Despite this news, I’ve been trying to be in good spirits.

The Eh Okay News

I went to the diabetes specialist and found out I truely am type 2, not type 1. I was misdiagnosed. Highly annoyed, I asked further how this could be. How I came to gain weight and my age are symptoms of type 2. Also genetics play a huge role. Most of the diabetics in my family are type 2s. It is not for sure, but I will likely no longer be using an insulin pump and will switch to insulin pen injections with a different kind of insulin(s). There might be another medication added to help make my blood sugars human range too that is meant for type 2s. There are all kinds of add-on medications out there now for type 2s she assured me. Not sure if I should be happy about all this or not. I just want to be healthy. . . . .

The Good News

girl with bright makeup 2013
2013,  prisma color pencils

I have been doing some art.  I went to a crochet class to further my knowledge of crocheting. . . .my limited knowledge.  I kept screwing up my granny square that the instructor was trying to teach. She was nice enough to speak some English for me but after 3.5 hours I became very frustrated. I had to rip out so much of what I crocheted! Now I have figured out how to crochet a regular granny square. It took 2 hours to figure out but I did it!

I’m also learning how to knit. It is very different than crocheting and I really like how the stitches look. It looks more like fabric. It is no easier than crocheting is, however.

I also have started to draw Elsa from Frozen. She will be a realistic Elsa with watercolor pencils. It’s a slow start. I haven’t done a drawing like this in quite some time. I want to keep how she looks a secret. Te he he!

That’s the news with me. I’ve had major writers block so I hope this post helps. **tip: just write even if it seems mundane.**





4 thoughts on “Serving the News

  1. Oh my gosh I hear you on the whole tourist visa thing, it was so annoying and emotionally painful when I did with my Swedish boyfriend. Do you know about how long it will take you until you’re allowed to live in Norway? I hope not too long for your sake!


  2. That’s a frustrating set back for you. In Finland you can apply for a residence permit within Finland if you are married to a citizen. Shame it’s not the same in Norway 😦

    Aside from that, I hope you are settling in well!


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