And these are a few of my favorite things . . .

Following beautybeyondbones ‘s post, I have a list of things I am into right now.  I thought her post idea was a good one to steal!

  • Castor Oil
    • I was originally looking for a eyebrow and eyelash serum that would help grow hair longer and thicker. Everything was super expensive. One boutique had one serum priced at $175! Yeah, like I am going pay that. My brother-in-law’s girlfriend suggested I use Castor Oil via Pinterest. She bought me organic castor oil. I just use a cotton swab and dab on the oil to my eyebrows. I’ve been too nervous to get it near my eyes to grow longer eyelashes. I researched if this will work and if anything it is a super healthy way to have healthy hair. It even is a way to help eczema. So far it is working.
  • Coffee
    • Norwegians love their coffee and I’ve caught the bug. My in-laws have a Nespresso machine that makes the coffee and milk have froth. This is fancy shit! I like to sip it slowly in the morning by the fireplace and crochet with leads us to the next fav’ on this list.
  • Granny Squaresf8ic6pkg4pboyza-medium
    • After going to a difficult crochet class, I have learned to read patterns and create different stitches. This came in handy as I really wanted to learn how to create what is dubbed a “granny square.” I figured it out from a tutorial and I am quite literally hooked! I am going to make a blanket. 289 squares is needed. My life will be this blanket for awhile but that’s okay. I really like making these crocheted squares.
  • Homemade Smoothies
    • I was up late one night with a friend discussing how she has lost lots of weight. I said I was struggling and eating is a pain due to allergies and medical reasons. My friend suggested homemade smoothies and ways to make them. She sent recipes from pinterest (I love pinterest, can you tell?) and suggested one of the ingredients should be oatmeal. OMG where has this idea been all my life? I absolutely love oatmeal. I consider it to be comfort food. I cooked stovetop oatmeal here in Norway and it was super creamy. Yummy! I made a lot to portion and plop into smoothies. My favorite are oatmeal peaches and cream smoothies.
  • Reading
    • 8401348-3x2-940x627I am currently reading Style Tribes: The Fashion of Subcultures and the novel version of Ghost in a Shell.  I’m such a nerd. . . . I bought the novel version of Ghost in a Shell for my kindle after seeing the movie with Scarlett Johansson. Many people didn’t like that version but I did. I loved it! So I bought the novel version and then mangas. I’m going to complete the novel first.  I am reading Style Tribes to get my social anthropology fix or aka study the norms and values of societies in terms of, in this case, fashion. I’ll discuss my love of anthropology in the next blog post but in short I LOVE IT. I read especially about subcultures. I read comics and study science. I’m a nerd about what I enjoy. Nothing wrong with that, right?

So that is my list of what I am into right now. Feel free to steal this idea and create a list of your own or comment your list below!

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