Losing Weight: What it took

I have done many things to lose weight. I did the LCHF, keto and paleo diets. I even tried to pick up running and I hate running. Nothing worked for me. Now that I’ve moved, things have changed.

The scale moved. I was like “WHAT IS THIS?”

sniffy kitty

After a weight plateau that lasted what seems eternity, the scale finally moved. I’ve lost 6 pounds since moving to Norway. At this rate I could be my goal weight of 115 pounds by the end of the year!


So the big question you are probably wondering is “What the fudge did I do to finally lose weight?” Well dear readers, it wasn’t just a diet but overall watching what I eat without denying cravings. I do not deny cravings for candy, soda, sweets. . . . . because I learned that I would binge eat. The difference in Norway is everything has less preservatives and crap in it. Everything is much more fresh. I’m also eating like a Norwegian does. Fish, potatoes, carrots, cheese, butter, bacon and meats are all common to eat. They eat lower carb and higher fat but not extreme like the LCHF diet itself. No fat bombs here! ACK. Another thing I do is smaller meals throughout the day. I eat approximately 4-5 meals per day and work out 4-6 times a week.


What have you done to lose weight? What has worked for you?

5 thoughts on “Losing Weight: What it took

  1. This is so interesting, the same thing happened to me when I moved to Sweden and I believe it’s because we biked everywhere and the portion sizes for desserts are so much smaller than in Canada. I was also just overall more active because Swedish people are very active themselves, I didn’t have to work out or anything!


    1. Dessert is a big thing here. You serve cakes not one cake for celebrations and my family LOVES chocolate and sweets. There were over 20 cakes for a recent wedding. Norwegians seem to walk more everywhere and are more active as well. I work out on top of just walking due to really wanting to train to hike here and lose weight. Hiking the mountains is hard but rewardingly beautiful!

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