Excitement! Sci-fi and Robots! PEW PEW!

Alright, everyone. I officially have too much time on my hands and I’ve decided to add MORE EXCITEMENT to my life-

as if moving to another country was not enough for me.


I’ve decided to blog a story written by me called “Guidebook to Your Guardian.” It’s sci-fi and cool. No really, you should totes read this.  Am I trying to hard?

Here is the prompt I am using from the magical interwebs:

At birth, each human is assigned a robot called a Guardian. Each human is followed by a Guardian, twenty-four hours a day, for their entire lives. Guardians give advice, solve problems, and protect their humans from danger. Guardians constantly remind their humans that the government is good, kind, and necessary. Guardians also remind their humans of the rules, and the punishment for breaking them.

Sounds interesting, yes? Molly, the lead character, will learn a secret that changes her whole world. What will she do? Is her Guardian as annoying as Gir from Invader Zim? Find out!



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