Business and Sadness


I have to have 6-9 months apart from my husband due to visa issues I don’t really understand. It really sucks. I’m trying to look on the bright-side of things. I’ll be staying with my parents and will be spending more time with family. I’ll also be able to see my friends in the US.  I will just miss hubby terribly.


Hubby’s Business and Massage

Anyways, we’ve been trying to make some money. We don’t have much of an income at the moment. Hubs just got a job at Kiwi (grocery store) and has leads on where to kick of massage therapy business. Oh yes, I do get massages. Ha! Everything seems to be going well for Hubby and we are both excited for him to have his own business. He’s gotten help from the government to start up (no idea how that works) and has gotten some supplies. While looking for a set place to be, he’s made some friends to help him out. Someone let him borrow a massage table while he waits to get his own. His experience over the years with acupressure, trigger point and Thai massage sets him apart from other people. I have enjoyed watching him grow.

Art Business and BoriAlice

In the meantime, I have been producing art pieces. I’ve done Elsa and Freya- women that are a big deal to Nordic pop-culture. I’ve been trying to sell them but producing them seems to be quite therapeutic for me and I’m having fun. I’ve restarted BoriAlice  on the right foot this time. It is not all about the money or creating simply to get a profit. It’s for me too.

I am from the generation of anime artists that bought how-to books and studied that art of drawing in the anime style. Now that I’m older, that style is a favorite however I feel as though I am learning with each art piece to create my own particular style. I like a combination of realism and “big eye” art that captures the beauty of life seen in the human eye with exaggeration. I also like to display my knowledge of make up and style that could be seen in my piece “Freya” far more than with “Elsa.” My style is slowing developing into what I actually want. It’s exciting to notice.



9 thoughts on “Business and Sadness

    1. Thank you for following me and caring! ❤ I tried to find you on facebook but there are many people with your name :O I will use your email when times get rough. Again I appreciate you being so caring and being concerned. ❤

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  1. Stiina, I can relate to what you are going through, perhaps to a lesser degree. My husband and I are also in a long distance relationship and we have been separated for a few months. I hope that things get better for you xoxo


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