Going back to US of A

This immigration-moving-thing we’re doing is proving to be a total pain in the ass and I am relying on family/friends heavily to get through it. I couldn’t be doing this without help. In less than a weeks time I will be back in America with my parentals. Haven’t lived there in 5 years so it ought to be interesting. My showers are too long and my make up is too thick. Why are my shorts so short and my bra straps showing? Haha! Nonetheless, I am grateful.


I’ll be living quite meekly. I won’t have much to spend on anything and I’ll be living quietly at home in the middle of nowhere.  Basically, like I do now! I will be in America for the summer, see fireworks and fireflies, and be able to sleep with my cat, Stoner, who my parents have been babysitting.

Fighting my loneliness for my husband- I will try and enjoy my “vacation” to obtain my visa.

What will I do with myself? Here are some ideas I think I will do.

  • Read a shit ton on my kindle.
    • Hunger Games Trilogy
    • Fight Club
    • Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children Series
    • Ready Player One
    • The Paper Magician Series
    • Our Numbered Days
    • The Quiet Room
    • The Secret Garden
    • The Great Gatsby
    • The Devil Wears Prada
  • Crochet a blanket for my husband for our anniversary
  • Drink more water
  • Prepare to sell at a fair in September in Norway
  • Writing Challenge (Hey, I made one! Wait for the next blog post!)
  • Yoga and Exercisedyb3omc
    • learn new yoga poses
    • be able to walk at least 3 miles
    • go outside, and go to parks and trails
    • Meditate
  • Send surprise postcards to long distance buddies and relatives
  • Hang out with my buddies doing shit
  • Eat American food
  • Blog ❤
  • Play with the cats
  • Help do things for my parents
    • clean the kitchen
    • cook
      • beef stew
      • all kinds of soup
      • spaghetti
      • pizza
      • beef sandwiches (Italian beefs)
      • whole chicken with vegetables
      • chili
      • fried rice
      • chicken wings
      • hotdogs
      • bbq chicken
    • shopping
  • Go to Chicago
  • Get tanned! (naturally)
  • Write poetry
  • Color coloring books 9f07d90b7a17e48d6368d53f51694466f87230520eb56073236a0758c1e2557b
  • Garden
    • herbs
    • tomatoes
  • Study languages
    • Norwegian
    • Spanish
    • French
    • Italian



I can’t think of anything more to add to my list. Can you think of anything? What do you like to do that makes you happy?

6 thoughts on “Going back to US of A

      1. It was VERY stressful, and you had to be very good with colors, prints and styles. However, I enjoyed it and made friends with people I worked with. I eventually became part of the visual merchandising team. I got to teach the rest of the store and organize what was being sold. I had to know what was popular.

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