Social Science Rules.

I am in the United States now.


If you’re just tuning in, I am trying to immigrate to Norway from the US. My visa is stupid and now I have to be here away from my husband at my parents’ house along with my cat, Stoner. He’s a pretty, black cat. My parents were babysitting Stoner.

I applied to a job in Norway despite the fact that I’m all the way over here. It’s for a museum host. It took every ounce of me not to write to them saying:



My brother in law explained what I am quite well. I am a nerd of a different kind.  Not many people obsess over what I do. I’m not the typical video gaming or star wars nerd. I want to go to museums, travel, read, study, learn and explore. I am a social science nerd. (Social science = psychology, anthropology and sociology) I don’t mind being called a nerd because I worked hard for it.


So right now, and always, I am reading and studying. I never really stop. I am taking free online classes for Italian language and culture, and Diabetes.  I got books for kindle. I just finished Ready Player One and LOVED IT. I don’t understand all the references but it didn’t matter. I had people pick the next book I read and The Hunger Games won. I’ll be reading that today.  I know they are all books made into movies but whatever. The books are going to be better.

What are you nerdy for?

7 thoughts on “Social Science Rules.

      1. I want to do Museum Studies to work in a museum but I still have had no reply from the museum I emailed. It’s a bit discouraging. I hope to go back to school in Norway. I figured I could do social science for fun 😉

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      2. It’s good to get informed about requirements in the place where you want to work. Looks like you have your focus, head on! And social science for fun sounds good (sometimes there is less fun, but this is how it is :)))


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