Getting My Visa Pt. 1

Oh myyy.

We started getting everything together the day after I landed in the US for my visa. You need color copies of this and that. You need to basically turn in your life to the government for them to see. I’m surprised they didn’t want medical documents too. Even what I had with me to bring to the Chicago office was not enough stuff. I spent most of today down in Chicago trying to file for my visa.

this-is-bullshit-gifThe documents I needed to even register with a unique barcode to say “Oh hey it’s me!” and say I paid for the visa never freakin got sent to my email nor could I get back into to the website to reprint it. I told the officer at the building for VSF Global the whole story but she said I must have these papers. So I have to go back to Chicago.  I called my hubby through facebook chat to ask him to call UDI (Norwegian Doctorate of Immigration) and find out why the website isn’t working. Kim has to call because UDI is only in Norway. I also need another pay stub from him.

I knew this would be a pain in the ass.

8 thoughts on “Getting My Visa Pt. 1

    1. Thank you! Tip, make sure to look up how to get your visa well in advance, just in case. 😉 I didn’t mention how we were told the wrong thing in Norway and that being separated from my husband ended up being a surprise. It should not have been. 😦


      1. It might be a few years before I even can, but that makes sense to ensure that doesn’t happen. I would consider a work or study visa. I’m still single, course maybe I’ll meet someone over there.


      1. I like to hear that you spent the day with your mom. I didn’t realize how important mothers are til my mother passed away. Cherish those moments spent with her. I hope you get to go back home to Norway soon.


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