Losing Weight 2

Story of my Struggle

I have been working out for 6 years with no results. I did fad diets and joined an expensive-all-the-works gym. I was misdiagnosed as a type 1 diabetic and got re-diagnosed as type 2 while in Norway.  After going to Norway I noticed I the scale moved. I had actually begun losing weight.

Now, I am back in America again and I’ve lost over 10 pounds in a month. Every 2-3 days I am losing a pound.

0c4a15d42160b6d754abdba0f77c42a8-workout-fitness-health-fitnessI did not give up or stop working out. I just did it- not to be skinny but make my blood sugar go down. I did it to enjoy it and relieve stress. I’m not saying there weren’t days where I looked at a weight and asked myself “Why am I still doing this?”  After trial and error I realized I liked to be in control of my workouts and progress over a trainer. I realized I wanted to do this all on my own.

Then that scale moved. Thank the Lord, it moved.

My post about the Scandinavian diet and losing weight has gotten more attention then I ever intended. So keep reading and find out what I am doing now that is making me shed pounds.

You’ve got to work, gurl.

One of the main things I do is a workout schedule. YOU HAVE TO WORK OUT. DO SOMETHING YOU ENJOY. For some people that is walking, swimming, rock climbing, skiing…. for me it’s weight lifting, cycling, dancing and kickboxing.  I am not much of a cardio fan but I do some- many weight lifters hate cardio. Anyways, find something you enjoy and will look forward to doing not just something to go through the motions of.

Ronda Rousey


Make your workouts enjoyable! Get that mp3 player, get your phone. . .. use spotify or itunes or whatever. Buy those cool beats headphones you’ve been wanting.  Use them to blow out your eardrums. Use fast beats and blood-coarsing lyrics to get you amped up. I actually scream I AM A BEAST and dance to EBM before a workout. Maybe that is a bit weird but it works. Get yourself motivated for this.

I made a workout poster. It’s got tons of memes and pictures pretaining to working out to get myself pumped. I read them every morning because they are right by my light switch to my room. It was fun to make and positive.

Look cute! Get yourself workout clothing you like. You’re going to be using these all the time. It’s a great investment. Also, make sure they are comfortable for you. Ladies, invest in good workout bras. Actually go and try them on. Make sure it’s the tightness you need and has the support you need. Larger girls- there are bras out there for you. You’ve got no excuse.

Find yourself a role model. Oh yes, find someone you want to look like or be like. This should be someone in an athletic or fitness field if you can. Mine are a fit family member who is a powerlifter, a wieght lifting lady buddy named Jennifer S. and then Ronda Rousey.

Now you’re ready for the next part- food. The two go together and there is no way to get fit without the two working together.

Dieting and the FODMAP DIET

What I am doing is a medical diet. This is NOT and I mean ABSOLUTELY NOT okay for normal healthy folks.  It is meant for those with IBS and digestive disorders. It’s called the FODMAP diet.  Also, this diet is really a pain in the ass because of how much you avoid to help your gut move along like it should.  You avoid certain foods including some fruits, vegetables, carbs, and for some people gluten and dairy. This diet has eliminated my bloating and inability to digest food the way I ought to.


For regular healthy folks, quit eating shit. No, you don’t need to completely stop eating carbs. That is just bullshit. You don’t need to avoid eggs- in fact, eat them. It’s all about portions. Cut portions down. Working out does not mean a gift to yourself is McDonalds. You are not a dog. Food is a not a reward. ( I reward myself with workout clothes.) Eat food that is healthy. A way to get ideas for food is pinterest and instagram. Lucky us, there is a huge fad right now to eat clean and healthy. You’ll find recipes and ideas with ease. Diets I suggest for looking at for recipes are paleo and the Scandinanvian/Nordic diets.

Still really confused? Get a dietician and/or read as much as you can about healthy food. The interwebs can actually be useful other than memecenter and gaming you know.

Why am I not losing Weight?

So you aren’t losing weight despite everything. That sucks. Recall I did not lose weight for years. It’s a real struggle and motivation killer.

Did you consider medications are stopping you? Medications such as birth control and happy pills can make you gain weight and make it hard to get rid of. Talk to your doctor about your concerns and ask what can be done.

Is there an underlying cause? When was your last physical or blood test? Issues such as diabetes and thyroid problems could be why. Again, talk to your doctor about possible reasons and request tests be done to determine why.

Hey! Think strong and badass – not skinny.

That is my mantra. I want to be strong not itty bitty like I once was in high school. Please remember that starvation, skipping meals and purging are not the right way to go. Seek help if you find this becomes a habit. You’re already an awesome person- you just are fine tuning.








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