Secrets to a Loving Long Distance Relationship

The world is becoming a lot smaller thanks to online resources such as facebook. That is how I first spoke to my now hubby. We would talk everyday through facebook chat about anything and everything. When we started to date and he had to fly back to Norway other people started to wonder if our relationship would last.  Now we are happily married and apart from each other once again due to this visa I need to live in Norway. It’ll be awhile before I can see him again. I have things that I do to keep my relationship going and not as painful.

christina and kim

  • Be trusting– You should trust the other person not to cheat or do something to screw up your relationship.
  • Have a comfort item from one another. – Teddy bears are my favorite!
  • Use social media– Keep in contact with them as much as you can. I talk to Kim every single day through facebook chat and video. Seeing the person can really make a difference. You can actually use facebook to play games with the other person too such as scrabble or send pictures of what is going on in your life.
  • Send snail mail– There is nothing like the surprise of getting mail. You can send letters, poetry, postcards, gifts or drawings.
  • Do similar things– Read the same book or watch the same episodes of a show on Netflix. You’ll have something to talk about that way and you’ll have something to look forward to.
  • Have a ritual– Say good night and good morning to each other by social media, phone calls, text messages, so on.
  • Find a hobby- You’re going to have plenty of time on your own, so find something you can devote time to. I work out and draw, for example. You can make your loved one happy by seeing that you are happy too!
  • Have a goal. – Remind yourself of when you will see your loved one next to keep perspective. Is it really as long as you think?
  • If loved one is foreign- learn about their culture!– Learn everything there is to know about the culture and even learn some of the language. Ask questions. Knowing about their culture helps to understand them and will make your relationship stronger.



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