Let’s Hit 100

When I say let’s hit 100, I do not mean weather. Around here, Chicago, it has said over 100F already the year. A bit too hot for me! What I mean is 100 followers! I am at 95. So share my posts! Tell your friends! Follow me!

Am I begging too much? Probably but go ahead and hit that follow button.My blog consists of stories and commentary about my life of an immigrant, being diabetic and my journey with that, and just discussing my life in general. Here is a bit about me if you don’t already know:

My favorite hobbies are:

 I like to weight lift, do yoga, crochet , draw and read. Of course, I also blog, play with my cat, and adore doing make up.

I enjoy comedies such as Aggretsuko.

I love:

I love my hubby, Kim, as well as my cat, Stoner. I’ve been told I have a make up addiction problem. I also really love anything Nordic (including Finland and Iceland) such as Moomins and IKEA.  I’m in to dark but cute things.


I look up to:

I look up to Mattie Rogers and Adora BatBrat. Mattie is an olympic weightlifter and Adora is a gothic model. Combine the two and you basically got me.


This art speaks to me because….

This is  by Sally Mann and called Candy Cigarette (1989). It obviously romanticizes smoking.  Girls her age smoked due to stress from being a dancer in ballet or other. It also was a way to be skinny or look cool. She obviously wants to look like a model or older in this picture. It says to me the stress of being a girl and how being a certain way is marketed to women/kids.


A funny/embrassing memory of me is…

It was my first time in Norway during the summer. Naturally since it’s summer I only brought shorts with me. I came down the stairs and went outside. I exclaimed “WHAT IS THIS? IT’S COLD!” It was only 50F and rainy. “HAHAHA DUMB FOREIGNER!” called out one of my brothers-in-law.  Summers in Norway aren’t the same as Chicago weather…


Check out my other favorite posts such as Be You With Your Food: Medical Needs vs Vegan , Eating Disorders and Diabetes, and Stoner the Cat. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them.

Thank you for stopping by! Leave a comment below, hit like and follow!



2 thoughts on “Let’s Hit 100

    1. I don’t think I have the skill yet to make anything like amigurumi. I make blankets and scarves. I am really into making granny squares. I just started a really cool blanket I named the “Seaside Blanket” with all kinds of blues and tan colors like the beach. ^_^

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