100 Followers and 1 Year Blog Anniversary



Rather than celebrate 100 followers and my blogversary by talking about myself- I want to discuss you.  I want to thank a couple of blogs whom I have connected to, spoken with and follow closely. Some are like this blog- immigrants who decided to move. Others are quite different. I invite you to check out these blogs and give them each a follow.

  • Cooking Adventures : Blogger Anna Rose was a CNA for a long time but due to an accident she decided to take up the art of cooking. Her to-be hubby, Mark, was a chef for many years and they enjoy the ins and outs of cooking. This lovely lady posts delightful recipes.
  • Lifewithlilred: Sarah writes a variety of blog posts from parenting to help with depression. My favorite posts involve make up and her life in general. Her classic look is red lipstick and red hair. What’s not to love?
  • Becoming Finnish : A brave woman, her Finnish hubby and young “Moomin” moved from Austrailia to Finland. This blog showcases what it is like to move, her experiences and posts all about Finland. Check her out!
  • BeautyBeyondBones : WordPress celebrity beautybeyondbones blogs about her recovery of anorexia and often discusses her Christian faith’s influence in her life. She delightfully tells all her ups and downs in her life including her acting career and the challenges she faced helping her mother recover. No matter what, her posts have positivity.  Read her blog for an awesome story of courage and and faith in the Lord.
  • The Nerdy Lion : I am thrilled to write about this blogger. His posts are often informative posts about writing and mental health. This blog has the BEST writing style.  Witty, funny and nerdy as hell- read the Nerdy Lion and hear him roar! (btw he just had a baby, go wish him congrats)
  • thegirlwiththeblackcat : This blogger moved from Canada to Sweden. She loves cats- especially black. If you have been reading my blog you know I love black kitties. She writes poetry and about her new life in Sweden with lots of pictures.
  • beautifybrooke : Written well,  with often to the point posts. Beautifybrooke is written by a young lady that loves her Jeffery Star Cosmetics and bold make up. Don’t worry! Even some posts are minimal or even make-up less posts! If you love make up, you’ll love this blog.

Before you do something drastic like this:



2 thoughts on “100 Followers and 1 Year Blog Anniversary

  1. Congrats on 1 year and 100 followers – that’s a great achievement 🙂 Here’s to the next year of blogging which will no doubt be an extra exciting one!

    Thanks so much for mentioning me – much appreciated! Also I love the cat GIF 🙂


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