“When the sun finally drops below the horizon in the early evening. evidence of its work remains for some time. The skies continue to glow for a full hour after its departure.

In the same way, when a good or great person’s life comes to its final sunset, the skies of this world are illuminated until long after he is out of view. Such as person does not die from this world, for he when he departs he leaves much of himself behind- and being dead, he still speaks.”

– Henry Ward Beecher


People are posting a lot about suicide and mental illness. If you truely want to help- get involved. Do runs, profit raising, awareness or simply talk to each other. Hold each other up on bad days. Try to understand what someone with a mental disease is going through by reading books, blogs or internet stories. Being there and understanding can really help.

For Americans interested in schizoaffective disorder I recommend the organization NAMI and reading “The Quiet Room“.  Support the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation.


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