Waiting Impatiently Pt 1

I got an e-mail stating that my packet o’ crap for my visa had been received. Great. My passport was sent back to me and I have that now. Mkay. My application has to be sent to Oslo now, said the little slip of paper inside my passport.

So what is my actual wait for my visa to come?


I was told 15 days. I’ve read 3 months. No idea. This is incredibly irritating because I still don’t know when I will see hubby again. It’s up to the government when my family immigration visa is approved. There is still a chance hubby and I could be interviewed and/or get DNA testing. UDI (Norwegian Directorate of Immigration) will update me on what is going on with the visa but those updates couldn’t come soon enough.

Hubby and I have also applied to get an apartment. It’s pretty large, near the gym we go to and grocery stores. I’ll be able to take a bus to my Norwegian courses in a nearby town. We both want it really bad but we have to wait to find out.

The waiting is driving me bonkers. Wait for this and wait for that.


I’m waiting for my weight to go down, too. I work out nearly everyday and try to move around. I eat right. It’s hard when you have health issues on top of it. Like I mentioned in Losing Weight 2 that I am trying to eat Low FODMAP. It’s a medial diet that excludes or limits what you eat based on how it digests. The diet is for those with medical issues such as IBS and gastroparesis. Having digestion issues makes me bloat and the scale hardly ever reflects my true weight. So very annoying!

Look at the progress though. I get messages from UDI about what is going on with the visa. It’s moving along. I didn’t have any applications in for an apartment but now hubs and I do for the first time. As for my weight- I tried on a tight dress. It didn’t flatter me but it looked like I had dropped a lot of weight nonetheless. Shit is happening! The balls are moving! I’m gonna make it!

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