Starting to Prepare to Fly with a Cat Pt 1

Stoney (Stoner)

If you saw my last post you can understand how frantic I am becoming and how I am REALLY trying to make Stoner’s flight happen, be safe and keep him calm. I’m more worried about him than I am for myself.

Did I mention I’m flying alone? Yeah. This whole thing is going to be a mighty experience.

I got Stoner the cat things he needs to be comfortable traveling today. I already ordered a soft carrier that meets the specifications of  SAS airlines as well as little collapsible cups that hook to the carrier. They are meant for camping with your pet but they are perfect to feed Stoner with. The carrier and cups came from Amazon (see picture of them below). I’m using an Amazon Prime trial to get them shipped to me fast and for free. I got him a tag with my information on it, ribbons to find my luggage quickly, luggage tags and puppy pads for inside the carrier. I need pictures and other info on Stoner but that I will get later as I make progress on legal stuff. I also am going to find out if a calming spray or collar is a good idea- possibly use benadryl (sedative)- from the vet.

cup and carrrier

That cat carrier literally just came in the mall. I opened up the box to find this small mesh carrier. I started shaking trying to get Stoner in this dinky carrier. It scares me because if Stoner is deemed too big for this carrier- he can’t go. Many things need to align perfectly for him to be able to go.


I really really really suggest if you plan on taking an animal with you abroad to have plan B.  You need someone who they can stay with if your attempts to bring them fail. This is actually the second attempt at bringing Stoner. I even have plan C which is having someone to adopt him if I really have to. I hope it doesn’t come to that.


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