Christianity and Sin: Alternative Girl’s Understanding

Today, I am going out on a limb after much and being alone with myself.  I am going to discuss Christianity and sin- as someone that has been labelled  an alternative woman or even some form of goth. I feel I am very much my own person. I look up to women in the Church such as the Virgin Mary and Saint Dymphna. I also look up to artists such as Alice Glass or Jyrki69.


One should not preoccupy themselves on whether or not they are sinning and worry. Doing the best you can is what God looks for. We will sin. We, as humans, were given free will and are designed to fail. With this gift of free will, all humanity can do is strive to be good by knowing and understanding His Word, prayer and church. We as Christians are saved and need not fear temptations of the devil. We will not fall into his hands and be sent to hell. 

People close to me do not feel this way. They only feel a weight on their chest as though being a good Christian is too big a weight to bear. They feel guilty for past sins, not remembering God can do anything- even forgive your biggest sin.

Psalm 147:5

Great is our Lord, and abundant in power;
    his understanding is beyond measure.

Other’s feel they cannot be who they are in the eyes of God and give up. I’ve gotten piercings, tattoos and hang out with non-Christians. I do listen to questionable music and like questionable things that many other Christians might condemn me for. How do I deal with this? I pray. I ask for forgiveness for having weakness as a woman and continue striving to be better. God knows you and knows your heart- not another Christian.




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