4th of July vs 17. mai

Hard to believe that VFS has screwed up my visa. I called them and shocked the man who answered when I told him I never received the packet ‘o crap containing my precious answer of if I got my visa or not. He asked if there was a tracking number and that too was never sent to me. An “emergancy email” has been sent on my behalf to fix this mess. I’ve been worrying everyday about this packet and now I am waiting for VFS to fix their mess.


I’m also a bit sad because today is July 4th or Independence Day for Americans. This might be one of the few times I will be celebrating it with other Americans. Today we make food like hotdogs or burgers, drink booze, my non-diabetics drink coke and eat treats. We eat all-American food. There is usually fireworks at night. I loved the booming and shaking of the ground as a kid. Then waiting with anticipation at where in the sky the lights would appear. The lights would dance along to music from a local Chicago radio station or a live band. Next year, I might make some food but keep my holiday to myself while in Norway. I will celebrate their equivalent:  17th of May aka Constitution Day.


I plan to wear Norwegian-something. I REALLY WANT A BUNAD but they are very expensive. You see dear reader, on the 17th of May Norwegians wear tradition dress and the local style of the bunad dress is what you wear if you have one.  The choice of style of the bunad depends on where you grew up. I will take on the style of bunad of my husband’s childhood- Alesund.


I want to go to the parade they will have in Alesund, eat Norwegian food (they grilled burgers this year however but I’ll eat whatever they make me) and get smashed. I have heard this is a pretty good holiday to drink. Other than that, I just want to spend time with the hubby in my country.


6 thoughts on “4th of July vs 17. mai

  1. I had a laid back Fourth of July and miss the celebrations in Norway. It seems you’ve had a hard time with immigration, something I’ll have to prepare for so I can immigrate (ideally sooner rather than later), but the work or study visa seem most realistic. Good luck!


    1. From what I can tell, the work or study visas require different documents than what I had to have. I think they might not take as long as my visa does either. VFS has a wait time online as well as a list of documents you will need to turn in. Best of luck to you!


      1. It will definitely take some time to plan out, either way. I might have to realistically apply to jobs in Southern Norway, though I know I could offer English writing and editing services on the side.


  2. Oh, those dresses are so beautiful! I don’t suppose there would be a local class where you can learn to sew one? I know the community education centre here offers such classes, so maybe there are similar opportunities there 🙂

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    1. I actually did a crotchet class at a local store once. Great idea! I think I will look for a class for sewing and other interests I have! I just need to learn Norwegian a bit… good challenge.


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