Fun Things

VFS was completely and utterly useless in helping me find out what was going on with my visa. I called and emailed so many times but no one seemed to understand what was happening. Then hubby called UDI in Norway. They knew exactly what was going down. My visa application is in Norway and will it should be finished with an answer by September. Well, shit, I thought it was over with. So for me, this is bad news.

Hubby did have some good news to spread around. We are still getting our new apartment with our landlord being his aunt. He also mentioned that he wanted to go to Amsterdam to run their half marathon in late October. This would mean we have a mini vacation together!



Then after the mini vacation I hope to have, I will be going to a Christel Alsos concert in Brattvag. She was part of my favorite show Hver gang vi møtes. I have not a clue as to what that means nor did I understand what was being said during the show, but I could understand the English songs.I understood that the vocalists lived together and then sang each other’s take on another musician’s music. I really enjoyed the music and Christel was my favorite. She has a really cool tone to her voice.

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