Morning Worries

stonerwfangsI wake up and roll over, hoping I sleep more but I typically can’t. I hear frantic scratching on my door. It’s my cat trying to get me to wake up and open the door. There really is not point to doing this because he just stands there, meows at me and bolts for the kitchen all excited for no apparent reason at all. Cats are weirdos. I do my insulin injections and make my way to the kitchen. Stoner typically is waiting for me right where the cereal is and I push him out of the way. I seriously long for the more healthy Norwegian breakfast but American Cheerios will do.

I eat and read what is on facebook. Kim (hubby) was online this morning and we gab about just about anything. This morning was about UDI- the Norwegian government part of my visa application approval process. I might to return to Norway using the “Tourist Visa” that permits 180 days of being able to stay without government approval. My residence permit will be ready soon but the ability to see each other sooner would be awesome. I’ll be able to get my cat ready to fly and we expect me to be able to leave more than month sooner. It all depends on what UDI says, though.

My morning makes me ponder the rest of the day.  Will I go home sooner or not?


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