Millennial Hatred vs This Millennial

Millennial or Generation Y: mid 1990s-early 2000s. We have technology only dreamed of before. Everything is technology technology technology 24/7. We have it with us always and portable. Internet is everywhere. With Spotify making music across the globe easily accessible, why not cross boundaries and subcultures?  MTV as the 1980s knew it is dead. Religion is not a big deal to most. We are rebellious but considered lazy.  We can’t get jobs and decided we don’t want em’ then. The other old generations just don’t understand  (as what usually happens) and are at war with us but we will be 75% of America by 2025. I’m not gonna site that because I don’t have to. Google that shit. We’ll take over much of the global population.

I’m such a millennial that I got married to someone I met using facebook. Now look at me. I feel the world is so small. I’m gonna have culture shock hit me pretty damn hard- being an American Millennial is gonna make this very hard.  I’m moving to another country well known to Millennials as being Socialist. I’d lie if I didn’t say this was a major factor to why I am moving – the healthcare – but it’s a misconception to all that Norway is.


Norway believes in a slower and less stressful life with less consumerism. This is quite different compared to the United States. You could could Norway more simple or easy going but it has it’s own problems including the notion they could/are starting to lose thier identy as a nation just like the other European nations due to immigrants not wanting to conform to their new country.  I have different problems than the Millennials’ crisis of not having the latest phone but I do want the latest phone. I might get a massive smack in the face with culture shock when I get to Norway again.




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