Travel Jitters with a Kitty: Preparing to Fly with a Cat Pt 2

stonerbigeyesWith anxiety problems, comes the little thoughts poking their way out of my head such as “What if the plane falls out of the sky?” or “What if planes collide?”  or “What if Stoner dies?”

I got my kitty, Stoner, medicine to remain calm on the plane but there will still be nervous crazy cat mommy constantly wondering if the news will be reporting a SAS pet catastrophe like a dead kitty due to a stupid stewardess. This has been happening to American airlines. Puting animals in a stupid places and death of the pet follows has been heard all over the news here.

  1. Stoner is going on the cabin with me. This means he will be on board in front of me and not below the plane where there might not be a comfortable temperatures.
  2. I’m going to speak out! I will be that crazy cat mommy that will be vocal if there is even suspected cat abuse.
  3. I refuse to fly an American airline with my cat.  SAS, like it’s name, is a Scandinavian airline. They are more likely to be trusted.
  4. SAS took care of me and is trusted to take care of my cat. I got very sick on the plane once. I think I had a panic attack and woke from my sleep vomiting all over myself. They helped clean me, gave me cleaning wipes for my face and checked on me. Even brought me extra water.

My kitty is pretty much all set to travel except I need to get approval from the USDA. It will be a long car ride to their office but worth it if I get to bring my baby, Stoner. He has been rejected by the USDA twice. This is due to not having the rabies vaccine in his system long enough. This time that is not a problem! His rabbies vaccination lasts until the end of December this year and even just got another 3 year vaccination…. He’s got it covered.

I will post a #2 to my blog about how to bring a cat to the EU (read the first one here) after Stoner has gotten through the TSA and flown.

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