Flying With a Kitty: The Final Destination

Ive been back home in Norway now  few days. Im using a Norwegian computer so excuse the mistakes. Life has been great and Stoner, the kitty of mine, is just fine.

As far as travelling With Stoner, it was a bit upseting because he meowed and cried most of the time despite being on kitty medication prescribed by a veternarian. People on the 8 hour flight to Sweden mostly did not mind except the man in front of me and the man behind me. The one behind me was quite vocal about not liking the cat and wanted to know where it was. I just decided not to give a shit about other peoples opinions about it. The legal stuff was actually quite easy.


Going through security in the airports was less of a hassle than I originally thought it would be. I asked to have Stoner privately screened. We went to private rooms and I took him out of his carrier. You heard me right, he had to be taken out! The carrier was screened and he went right back inside. It took a few minutes. All the security officers through each airport were very nice to me about my cat. I knew as long as I was willing to do what they asked, there would be no issues. They also did not want a lost cat either.

There was also a point where my kitty had to see the airport veternarian. My husband sent a email to the vet that Stoner was coming so there was a minimal wait time. This was not a problem either because I made sure to have all of Stoners documents With me on my carry on. The documents from the USDA and his rabbies shot certificate were all I needed so he could fly.

My baby, Stoner

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